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Legendary Akfu

They have an old tale about a savior, told by their ancestors.
This story has been handed down since the days
when they were neither pink nor tiny.
It was about the age where their ancestors were defeated in the fight against apes and were chased to the mountains. They were all waiting for death by dangerous apes that night.
Suddenly, a creature they have never seen before defeated all the apes with amazing abilities
and helped them. Even Friendz, who were about to die,
were revived with an incomprehensible ability.
Arriving near a mysterious spring deep in the mountains,
the creature said, "I am Akfu. Soon I will bring my comrades to help you."
As soon as he was done talking,
he shined and disappeared from sight without a trace.
Since then, Friendz has been guarding the mysterious spring,
waiting for Akfu to visit them again.

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